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What to Expect After Orthopedic Surgery for Your Pet

Orthopedic surgery is a treatment that addresses hip and joint problems in pets. But just like any other surgery, aftercare is essential to ensure that your animal friend recovers smoothly. So, if your dog or cat has undergone orthopedic surgery in Mission Hills, CA, we at Granada Veterinary Clinic know what to expect so that you can take optimal care of your pet.

Change in Eating Behavior

The appetite of your pet may change after the surgery. In the first few days, your pet will eat little or no food. Don’t panic because this is normal. However, give your pet plenty of water and a special diet as directed by our veterinarian.

Change in Your Pet’s Bowel Movements

Following your pet’s change in eating habits, it’s not abnormal when the bowel movement pattern changes. So, after the orthopedic surgery, your pet will have little to no bowel movements.

Compression Bandage

Following the pet surgery, your vet covers the incision site with bandages to reduce bleeding and seal off the area from infections. However, your pet may dislodge the bandage as they try to lick the incision. Schedule an appointment with your vet if you suspect the compression badge isn’t well-seated.


The aftercare routine involves administering medication, including antibiotics and pain-relieving drugs. Give your pet these drugs as directed by your vet. Don’t skip or halt the dosage halfway through the treatment period, even when your pet shows signs of recovery.

Safe Environment

Your recovering pet needs a safe environment for quick recovery. If possible, isolate your pet from other animals. Also, deter your family members, especially children, from playing with your recovering pet.

Follow-up Visits with Our Veterinarian

Besides removing the bandage, you still need to visit a veterinarian to check the progress of healing and remove any staples. Where necessary, we may give additional antibiotics and pain medications for a smooth post-surgery pet recovery.

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