Did you know that roughly 1/3rd of pets become lost or are stolen in their lifetimes? Our veterinarian in Mission Hills specializes in treating dogs and cats and will take every step possible to make sure that they stay safe. The chances that a lost pet returns to its owner rise significantly if the animal has been microchipped. Pet owners can enjoy added peace of mind by completing this quick procedure at Granada Veterinary Clinic.


Microchipping Benefits

Of the approximately 8 million dogs that make it to animal shelters every year, only 20 percent ever return to their homes. For cats, the figure dips to an abysmal 2 percent. However, microchipping significantly increases these numbers.

Our veterinarian notes that the life of a microchip is approximately 25 years. Once the vet implants it, the chip requires no maintenance beyond the owner forwarding registration data and contact information to a database and making sure it stays current. We scan each chip during subsequent wellness visits to make sure it is still in the proper spot and continues to function properly.

Inserting a microchip is fast and harmless. Microchipping pets is convenient for owners since it is an outpatient procedure. You can make an appointment specifically for that purpose or add the procedure during another scheduled visit.

What Owners Should Expect

A microchip is a very small transponder about the size of a grain of rice and sits in a glass cylinder. To perform the microchipping procedure, our veterinarian uses a needle to implant the chip, typically between the animal’s shoulder blades.

The manufacturer assigns a unique number that identifies each microchip. The staff at a shelter or a veterinary practice can use a scanner to read the chip’s radio frequency and view the information to identify the pet’s owner.

After the procedure, the owner should register his or her contact information with the manufacturer and update it as necessary. Discomfort to the animal during the procedure is minimal, similar to what it experiences with injections.

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